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1. Lashes Will Grow Out

Just like your nails grow out so do your lashes.

It is important to get them refilled every 2-3 weeks if you want to make them last as long as possible.

Your natural lashes tend to shed on a daily basis, which means that you will lose some of your extensions along with the natural ones.

Once this gap starts to become obvious you should get a refill.

Luckily, these refills are almost always 50% cheaper than the initial price since they are done with a lot less lash material.

2. Shedding

You will lose 2-5 lashes per one day per just one eye.

A lashes technician usually applies 100 lashes per eye.

Mathematically speaking, you can roughly expect to lose 3 lashes per one day, which is 21 lashes in one week.

Once you become annoyed with the gaps you should go for the refill.

Some women get annoyed by this shedding process, but it is natural and something that you should expect.

3. The First 24 Hours

During the first 24 hours, your extensions will need to cure and to set along with your natural ones.

It is really important to keep them away from several factors during this period, such as:

a) Water

You can’t wash your face with any cleansers in the following hours. Don’t use any face or eye creams, and give your extensions enough time to set. Also, you can’t go to the pool, and you should only shower if really necessary, but at all cost make sure your face doesn’t come in contact with water.

b) Humidity

Try not to be exposed to unusual climate surroundings. Don’t go to a sauna, don’t go out if it is too windy, and don’t stay in the bathroom for too long since it can get overheated.

c) No Makeup

Avoid eye makeup, and only apply a bit of foundation if you really must, but make sure you avoid your eye area. Wait 24-48 hours before coming back to your everyday makeup routine.

4. Oils

Every lash esthetician will tell you that you need to purchase a non-oil based makeup remover.

This kind is the best for your extensions since it won’t rip them apart or move them around.

You can purchase a cleanser that your esthetician recommends, or any kind at a drugstore, as long as it contains no oils.

5. Cleaning

It is really important to clean your lash extensions.

Although they are not your natural ones, they can still get infected or covered in bacteria.

Make sure you have a small lash wand, preferably a spoolie, or a clean mascara or brow wand.

Comb through your lashes with this tool 3-4 times a day to keep them looking tidy.

This little method will also remove any leftover makeup or dirt that can get stuck in between the extensions.

Make sure that your combing motions are not too violent or sudden because you don’t want to rip out your extensions.

6. Don’t Pull Them

You should never pick, pull, tug, or play with your lashes. Any of these motions might cause them to fall out sooner than expected.

Try to make patting movements whenever removing your makeup, and never rub your face with a towel.

Also, you shouldn’t sleep on your face because lashes are delicate and they might rip apart on the pillow.

Try sleeping on your back and purchase some satin sheets because these are really soft for your skin, hair and face, and definitely for your lashes.

7. No Mascara

Mascaras can tug your lashes and cause them to fall out sooner than expected.

You shouldn’t apply mascara since it can also be very hard to remove.

When done the right way, lash extensions won’t demand any extra coats of mascara or volume. In fact, they will look luscious on their own, and you won’t need to reach for your lash curlers, strip lashes, or lash serums to further boost their appearance.

Also, no need for liquid liners since your lash band will look thick on its own due to the generous lash count on your upper eyelid.

8. No Cotton

You should avoid cotton balls or q-tips around your eye area.

This material can get caught in between your extensions and can be impossible to remove.

Instead of cotton, use soft towels or wet wipes to remove your eye makeup each and every night before you go to bed.

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